Crusader Packages

The Crusader packages are 3 new packages Car Safe Limited are to offer Customers in the transport industry, in particular, Haulage and logistic firms.

They will be based on the number of camera channels each DVR hard drive can hold. There is a real need for these cameras on HGVs in particular, this is based on several reasons. One of these reasons is the voluntary FORS scheme (Fleet Operatives Recognition Scheme). This is a scheme that recognises companies based on safety and compliance standards within the haulage, distribution and logistics firms fleet vehicles that work within the City of London.

Another concern is the ongoing cost of insurance, and the financial impact RTAs (Road Traffic Accident) have on the policies especially when the fault can’t be proven. So we need to tackle this and take ownership of problem that is occurring every day with a simple, cost effective solution camera systems and increase awareness and control of these HGVs while they are out serving the country proudly. So the first package that we will offer will be:


Crusader 2

2-way camera DVR which has the ability to house 2 separate cameras, for example, ‘2 side cameras, usually both sides, but we can easily install 1 front and 1 side at no extra cost or time for installation costs. This will record on a 128GB SD and will record for around 2 weeks.


Crusader 4

This is a 4 channel DVR which can accommodate up to 4 separate cameras at once and is a tamper proof DVR that runs on a 1 Terabyte SD, this will give you up to 1 months’ worth of recording and has GPS so once data is downloaded, you can see where and when the vehicles have had an accident. This package is mainly appropriate for vehicles size’s of around a transit van and above.


Crusader 8

This is an 8 channel DVR system that can accommodate up to 8 separate camera systems, most go for front, side, rear and inside trailer units. Monitors are available where drivers can view all cameras at once. This DVR also has the GPS function so the data that is gathered will have an accurate positioning of vehicles and they also run off a 1 terabyte SD, 1 month of recording.


Alternative options

The packages above are complete surveillance systems which we have simplified to help customers gain a better understanding for how each work. We don’t just specialise in camera systems, our total aim is to help you in all aspects of fleet management. We would firstly come to site and discuss trends and frequencies of drivers and accident rates and put together a proposal for you on the latest technology on the market, which will reduce your accident rates and ultimately, save you money on your insurance.

We will propose bespoke packages for you to chose from which are 100% free of charge, we want to ensure that you and your fleet are a step ahead of the competition, with our products and services, we will take you to the next level. A list of tools and technologies we use to protect fleets are listed below:


  • Audio warning sensors
  • Visual warning sensors
  • Side sensors
  • Side scans
  • Indicator warning systems
  • Reversing warning systems
  • Non memory cameras and monitors (reversing screen)


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